Most Essential Baby Shower Gifts You Can Choose

Most Essential Baby Shower Gifts You Can Choose

The bath is a pleasant and essential moment for baby’s hygiene. But now, you don’t have a tub in your bathroom playpen with changing station. Don’t panic, the shower tub is the solution for you!

Criteria For Choosing Your Shower Tub

Before buying a bathtub, it is essential to ask yourself the right questions. Here are five criteria to help you in your choice.

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Baby safety

 It is essential to make sure that baby will be safe while bathing. Choose a tub that is labeled “XPS 54-044 Compliant” that meets current safety standards.

To ensure good stability, opt for a model with integrated anti-slip or buy it as an extra, to prevent the bathtub from slipping in the shower. Choosing the right baby shower gifts is important in this case.

The size of the shower tray

 Before purchasing, be sure to take the measurements of your shower pan. 

Some very large bathtubs do not fit into small spaces. Better to anticipate it to avoid a bad surprise!

The space available in the bathroom

If it’s large, with space to store gear, you could turn to a classic rigid tub. Conversely, if you have limited space, opt for a foldable or inflatable model.

Baby’s age

Depending on the baby’s age, some bathtubs will be more suitable than others. For the first months, there are specific newborn models such as the bucket tub. However, baby will quickly feel cramped and it will quickly be necessary to invest in a larger model. You can also opt for an evolutionary model, more economical, which will be used from birth until the baby is 18 months old.


This accessory must be easy to use: do not weigh too heavy, have a carrying handle, have a practical water evacuation system, store easily.

The drain hose, which allows you to empty the water directly in the sink or the shower, is a real plus to simplify your life.

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The Different Models Of Shower Tubs

Foldable, classic, on foot several solutions exist to find what will best meet your expectations and constraints.

The Classic Rigid Bathtub: The Simplest

It is a miniature replica of an adult bathtub, which you place in your shower or on the floor. This basic model can be found at affordable prices. It is a bit bulky, but has the advantage of being spacious if you want to add baby bath toys. Initially, it is possible to add a bathing chair to keep baby comfortably from birth.

Special Newborn Baths: The Most Adapted To Baby’s Morphology

They are specially designed to adapt to the morphology of your baby, who will feel safe as in a cocoon.

There are mainly two types of models:

The bucket bath: baby takes his bath in the fetal position, which is reassuring and comfortable.

The bathtub with integrated recliner: it keeps baby in an ergonomic, safe position, without having to maintain it permanently.

They take up little space, but will not be used for long because of their small size. It will be necessary to consider a second purchase, when the baby grows up.

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